I never experienced being an Algorithmer

In my résumé, I considered myself as an Initiate, based on Terence McGhee’s “Software Ninja Class Hierarchy”. But I never experienced being an Algorithmer, even though it is much lower than the Initiate in that hierarchy — I do not have special knowledge in higher mathematics. My weak mathematics background is the reason why I concentrated on learning how to build what they call line-of-business (LOB) applications (or what is called “representational-transactional systems” here), because these things do not need lots of knowledge in mathematics.

But I can work with an Algorithmer, and I have high respect for an Algorithmer, because I would have liked to experience being an Algorithmer if I had the chance or education to become one when I was younger…

And I believe that working with an Algorithmer will benefit me — I believe that I will learn a lot from an Algorithmer. I’m hoping also that an Algorithmer will learn a lot from me too, if I will be working with one.