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Possible refutation of the flat earth idea (when you don't know science like me)


At the office yesterday, my officemates were trying to play as “flat-earthers” pretending to refute spherical-earth proofs that are thrown at them.

Because I don’t have that much knowledge about the proofs for or against a spherical earth, I was not able to give a very good refutation of the flat-earth idea.

At the end, the pseudo-proof that I gave was this:

“You don’t really believe that the earth is flat.”

Lame answer. :laughing:

They would have replied:

“Ikaw na lang mag-kami!” (In English, that is like saying “Make yourself to be us! (So you can really know what we believe)”)

They didn’t reply, of course.

But during the night, I listened to an interview titled “Dr. Jason Lisle Destroys Flat Earth Nonsense!” which I saved, from youtube, for offline listening before I went out of the office.

While listening to it, I paused the video at about 32:40 mins to write something which I think can be used as a refutation to the flat-earth idea (which can still be used even if we don’t have much knowledge about science)

  1. Our senses and memory are reliable.
    (This was originally “Our creator told us that our senses and memory are reliable”. But I changed it in favor to those who do not believe in a creator. Of course I understand that neutrality is impossible but let me try to be “neutral” this time :blush:)

  2. Many ours/people all over the world over time have observed using their senses that the earth is round. (We can even observe that ourselves if we have an expert to guide us.) They also have written what they remember they have observed. (We can ask our friend, google [search engine], for those writings.)

  3. Therefore, the earth is round.


Our senses and memory are not reliable.

Try proving the earth is flat without relying on your senses and memory.

We don’t have to prove anything.

Then, I conclude, without proofs, that the earth is round.

The experts might be lying to us

We can be able to know if they are lying or not by doing the experiments that they did and see if the results are truly what they say the results are.

One of the writings that refutes flat earth is this one posted below. It contains only 0s and 1s but some of our ancestors invented some things that can turn these 0s and 1s into picture(s) and sounds! Isn’t that wonderful!?

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