Code review: the solution to the problem of "WTFs/minute"

June 20, 2017

I recently wrote about me being a hypocritical Christian because I sometimes cuss (only in my mind, most of the times, of course; but my attitude has greatly improved since writing that blog post :smile:).

Christians are not supposed to cuss, right? That’s what I was taught. Christians are supposed to possess the virtue of self-control. And, I think, cussing is a manifestation of a lack of self-control – lack of love at the very root, of course, because “love is patient and kind, bears all things, endures all things…”.

… in programming

In the programming world, there is this joke that says, “The only valid measurement of code quality is WTFs/minute”.

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Am I a hypocrite?

June 5, 2017


The text of the sermon was Ephesians 4: 1-4 (and Philippians 2:3ff).

One Christian trait that was presented was “lowliness of mind” – not to think of ourselves as being higher than others.

I am guilty of that, I think. Many times, I think of myself as better than others. This is often revealed in my job as a programmer.

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On the 48 Laws of Power

May 29, 2017

A friend told me about these 48 Laws of Power many months ago.

I tried to google for it a few days after I heard about it.

(I already knew about the “friend being envious” part.)

But after reading Law #2, “Never put too Much Trust in Friends, Learn how to use Enemies, I said to myself, “Learn to use enemies? Create enemies if you don’t have one? :open_mouth: Wut!? I don’t want to create enemies! And if someone wants me to become their enemy, I want to distance myself from them! This is nonsense!”

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Crab Mentality might not be a Filipino-only problem

May 20, 2017

A few days ago, browsing through my LinkedIn feeds brought me to this article: “That Crab Mentality”

“It was a year or so when I first moved here that I heard people talk about Crab Mentality. I assumed it was a food dish, but as it happens it is something that is in the Philippines genes, and it is not that pleasant.

“I suppose it comes down to JEALOUSY!” - John Grant

It reminded me, again, about this important thing I learned from “How to Win Friends and Influence People” about ten years ago:

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Why am I transcribing Uncle Bob Martin's talks?

May 13, 2017

Why am I transcribing (some of) some of Uncle Bob Martin’s talks? (And some of the other masters’ talks?)

I will not able to read everything Uncle Bob has read and I will not be able to experience everything Uncle Bob has experienced (Also, I don’t want to experience some of his bad experiences. :smile:)

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