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On Rejection


Being rejected hurts so bad. We sometimes ask, “Why does God allow these things to happen?”

But what if rejection is just part of the normal way things work?

I mean, we know about the principle of sowing and reaping. Some people call it karma. We rejected God (I’m assuming the Christian worldview here :smile:). The sowing and reaping principle demands that we also experience rejection and hurt.

What if it is the case that every human being who have lived past the innocence stage of a child, will experience rejection one way or another before death? — Because we all rejected God! (I’m assuming the Christian worldview here).

But someone, in the Psalms, also said that God is so merciful He gives us less than the punishment that we deserve. — That could mean that the sum of the hurt from all the rejections we experience in this life is far less than the hurt God experienced and experiences from our rejections of him.

And more… He took upon him our punishment.

And what if the reason why God permitted us to reject him in the first place is because he wants us to have a firsthand experience of what rejection is — it’s effects and the hurt that it brings (when the law of sowing and reaping kicks in) — so that someday, in eternity, we will never choose to reject him again??

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