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I don't know where to go...


What is the purpose of living!?

Why do we have to live rather than not?

Of course… I understand… “The whole duty of man is to serve God” says the preacher.

But why do people live like God is not there?

Why do people live like they don’t need God?

Why do I live like I don’t need God?

Seeking you only in difficult times;
And only for a while…
What keeps you from taking back the gift?
Life was full of meaning;
Full of purpose…
What keeps me from again desiring it?

I do desire it… Yes?
I think I do.
But… the desire… how can it last?
This seeming convenient life…
It is not.
It’s the one that obstructs!?

This thing that we seek:
A life with no ills.
From it, do boredome springs?
Heading nowhere…
Where I should be, send me… Please…

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