Paul Washer

October 16 · 4 mins read

Through some comments on a facebook post I saw in my feed last week, I was pointed to this Shocking Youth Message of Paul Washer.

I have seen him quoted on some posts I see on facebook in the past. But I have not yet heard him preach.

There is also an audio version and a transcript of this sermon they titled “Shocking Youth Message” here.

Here are some great things I heard in the sermon:


Some evangelist who should have spent less time preaching and more time studying his bible told them they were saved…


… now spend the rest of your life repenting of your sins and believing in me.

… are you continuing to repent of sin… are you continuing to believe… because he who has done a good work in you will finish it.


Carnal christians - not biblical and not historical

… there is no such thing as a carnal christian.


Jesus indicates that one of the principal signs of being a genuine christian is that you walk in the narrow way.


Am I saying that a christian is without sin? No. because in I John we learn that christians do sin and if any man does not acknowledge his sin he knows not God.

So what is the difference?

If you are genuinely a born again christian, you will walk in the way of righteousness as a style of life. And if you step off that path of righteousness, the Father will come for you. He will discipline you. He will put you back on that path.


You don’t tell men they are saved. You tell men how to be saved. God tells them they are saved.


We need to realize that there is only one seeker and his name is God. And if you want to be friendly to somebody in your church you need to be friendly to God.


The person who loves you the most will tell you the most truth.

One of the greatest distinguishing marks of a false prophet is that he will always tell you what you want to hear. He will never rain on your parade. He will get you clapping, he will get you jumping, he will get you dizzy, he will keep you entertained, and he will present a Christianity to you that will make your church look like a six flags over Jesus, and keep you so entertained you are never addressed with great issues such as these: is God working in my life, am I growing in holiness, have I truly been born again.


How do you know you believe?

Do you know how the bible teaches you that you know you are saved?

You know you have been saved because your life is in a process of being changed, and your style of life is one of walking in the paths of God’s truth, and when you step off those paths in disobedience, as we all do, God comes for you and puts you back on the path.


You know you have been saved because your life is in a process of being changed.