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"They will pardon my english"



I’m going public…

I’m not an English teacher. And English is not my native language.

They will “pardon my english”… I hope… :smile:

Fernando Cejas - Be prepare for change image

That image is from Fernendo Cejas’ talk “It is about philosophy: culture of a good programmer”. It’s a very good talk. I intend to listen to it again and again.

I learned about Fernando Cejas a few months ago while searching for samples of projects that use the “Clean Architecture” approach of Uncle Bob Martin. He gave an example of Clean Architecture in Android.

But I digress… back to the image above.

Do you notice something in that image?

He committed a mistake! If I am not mistaken, they call it a “grammatical mistake”.

Well, he is not alone in the mistake-committers universe. Some of our other masters also committed some mistakes in the past!

This gives me, and many others, hope. — It’s okay to make “grammatical mistakes” after all! … Yehey … sometimes, of course. (It would be very bad if our every sentence contains grammatical mistakes. But I think I can argue that committing a grammatical mistake in every sentence is still better than not speaking or writing at all.)

Also, it’s more of a mistake not writing anything than making some grammatical mistakes, right?

And, in Fernando Cejas’ case, it’s more of a mistake for him not to share his knowledge and experiences than making that one grammatical mistake.


Kung sa bagay, people who are not very good at grammer will be the ones who will survive the AI apocalypse, because these AI things might not be able to readunderstand centenses wid rong isfelling & wong grammers. :laughing:

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