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Am I really a Christian?... just an undisciplined one?


What does it take to be a Christian?

I was taught that if there is at least one point in your life where you believed in Jesus Christ as your saviour then you are a Christian.

But I was also taught that there are real conversions and false conversions.


Then… I saw some facebook posts that say something like, “to be a Christian, you must believe and continue to believe”, or something like that; “you must repent and continue to repent”… (and the Shocking Youth Message of Paul Washer also!)

I think that is a reasonable kind of statement because I heard someone in the past who said that in the original language that the New Testament was written in, they have this way of constructing sentences where one can say something which implies that an action or state must be continuous.

And sometimes the meaning of a sentence is lost in translation, right?

Okay… There was a point in my life where I believed and continued to believe. But there were points also where I did not want to believe anymore. But what evidences did I have not to want to believe? — the hypocrisy of many Christians? the injustices in the world? the impossibility of the christian life?

Hypocrisy? — Everybody is an hypocrite in some ways, right? Even athiests believe that there is a standard when there should be none, right?

Injustices? — Did God cause it? What does justice mean? If we take God out of the equation, what standard do we have for justice?

The impossibility of the Christian life? — Is it really impossible? Or you are just lazy?

Okay… Perhaps I’m just lazy — an undisciplined one.

What could be the cause of this laziness…

Fleshly desires? No doubt. :sob:

An unforgiving spirit? Perhaps…

What can be done?

Start today, right?

What about the damages made through these undisciplined behavior?

What can be done?

Is it possible for the effects of undisciplined behavior to be reversed?

Wait… is it possible for someone who believes to be undisciplined?

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