A correct attitude towards the discovery of truth by Dr. Geoff Anders

April 25 · 2 mins read

I’m currently listening to Steve Patterson’s interview with Dr. Geoff Anders: “Ep. 102 - Scientific Progress and Intellectual Schelling Points”

Dr. Geoff Anders has this very interesting statement in about 38:25 mins in the video:

“I think the correct attitude to have towards the truth is that the discovery of the truth goes through many different points, and then each of the sort of way-points or the points you hit along the way are not necessarily themselves literally the final truth but they serve a coordination function and one that helps to orient the people’s minds on the discovery of the truth.”

I think that that statement makes people who believe that truth exists to be more patient with people’s discovery of truth :smile:. It also helps people from dismissing as irrelevant those “points” in history which kind of guided people with the discovery of truth. And for those who do not believe that truth exists, this will help them to be more patient with people’s discovery of whatever-it-is-they-need-to-discover :grin:


“Is there any difference between theoretical knowledge (improve our understanding of the world) vs. gaining technical knowledge, engineering knowledge (the ability to manipulate the world in ways that we prefer). Are these the same types of knowledge? Or are they different areas?”

“How could it be that both the fundamentals of various disciplines are not sorted out and are maybe completely wrong and the experts in those domains don’t even understand the fundamentals of the disciplines, and yet we still seem to make scientific and engineering progress?”

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