"The Girl from Ipanema" piano transcription

as taught by Antoine Hervé

June 29 · 2 mins read

The mp3 MuseScore export of the transcription:

A few days ago I found this piano tutorial by someone named Antoine Hervé. The video was in French, but because there were English subtitles on the screen I still got what he was trying to teach.

This tutorial is very good because the rhythm pattern for playing bossa nova is clearly explained — step by step. (Lucky me I continued watching the video even though it was not in English.)

I tried practicing what he taught in the video. It was very cool. I greatly enjoyed playing it. I think this is my first time playing a relatively rhythmically-complex piece of music. :blush:

I created a transcription of what he played in the video because I know that I’m going to forget how to play this music a year from now. A transcription will help me easily remember this.

The truth is transcribing by ear is very hard for me — I do not have perfect pitch, and I was not trained to transcribe. Thankfully today we already have videos available for our musics, so it’s now possible to transcribe both by sight and by ear (mainly by ‘sight’, in my case). I hope that by doing this, transcribing by ear will become easier for me someday… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I hope… (“libre lang mangarap”, ingon pa nila)

Here’s the transcription (with some modifications of my own):

(Please pardon the dynamics notations scattered all over the sheet music. I was just experimenting with kind of sound MuseScore is able to make. Please ignore the dynamics in the sheet music and play it at your own will instead.)

(PS: … I understand… I should have made the sheet music more readable by not using ties everywhere. :grin: I will do better MuseScore writing next time.)

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