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"Principles vs. Methodologies" Quotes

“Principles never change. Methodology always does.”

— Neil E. Jackson, Jr. (from Doing the Impossible)

John Sonmez

(from “Principles Are Timeless Best Practices Are Fads”)

If you were to blindly follow any best practice and not apply that best practice in a way that brings out the underlying principle, you would be very unlikely to actually receive any benefit.

You see, most best practices are actually derived from universally applicable principles that never change. That is why most best practices are good.

It’s not the best practice that is effective, it is the principle behind the best practice.

Example of Principle:

The law of the harvest: You reap what you sow.

Example of a best practice using that principle:

TDD or test driven development, is such a best practice.  The basis of TDD is to introduce quality into the software development process as early as possible, so that the finished product is better.

If you apply the practice of TDD without understanding this principle, you are just following the motions and you won’t actually gain the benefit of the practice.

If you can’t understand at some level that the point of doing TDD is to sow some good seeds in your software that you will harvest later on, you won’t be writing the right kind of tests.

There is nothing magical about writing tests before writing code, but there is something valuable in purposely investing in upfront quality with the end goal of getting a big yield on that investment in the right season.

Eric Reis

(from [“The Lean Startup”])

The Lean Startup is not a collection of individual tactics. It is a principled approach to new product development. The only way to make sense of its recommendations is to understand the underlying principles that make them work.