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Is the word 'Trinity' in the Bible?


Next time, if someone is going to ask me that question, or a similar question, in a sarcastic way, I will say this as my answer:

My answer to that question is also a question. But what’s special about this question is that whatever your answer to this question is, that will also be my answer to your original question. That means that you can answer your original question (and all the questions that might follow it) yourself!

So be very careful when answering this question.

The question is, “Is the word ‘cat’ in the Bible?”


I got this idea, about ‘cats’, from one of Ken Ham’s talks about dinosaurs years ago.

I am not claiming that I am able to defend the idea of Trinity to everybody.

I can only be able to give bible passages on the deity of Jesus Christ (like in Hebrews 1 and John 1) and the Holy Spirit (in Acts 5).

What I’m claiming is that it is absurd to not believe in the trinity just because the very ‘word’ is not in the bible; because, for example, we believe that God created ‘cats’ and ‘dinosaurs’ even though the the Bible does not specifically say that “God created cats” and “God created dinosaurs”.

If we are going to argue against the idea of the trinity, we must not use this “Is the word ‘Trinity’ in the Bible?” question.

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