OOP 2015 Keynote - Robert C. Martin ("Uncle Bob"): Agility and Architecture

April 15 · 2 mins read

Robert Martin is talking about some important history of software development here; why we are where we are today.

Very interesting!

I really like listening to Bob Martin’s talks on software development :smile:

Here are some of the history of software development he talked about:

We used to think about design and architecture…

…but then our focus changed into “what frameworks should we use to help us”

But a few years after we forgot about design and architecture, we realized that…

“The web is not an architecture. The web is an I/O device. And we learned many years ago that we want to be independent of I/O devices”

The database is not the center of our system. Our application should rule the database… The database is also an I/O device; something we want to be independent of.”

Other interesting stuffs:

In doing agile, we do not decry upfront design; we decry BIG upfront design.

The test of a true test: a true test does not need to be connected to anything.

He also talked a little about the Clean Architecture that he already talked about in his other talks.

I will post my notes on his talk on “Architecture: The Lost Years” a few days from now.

Happy listening to Uncle Bob Martin!