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OOP 2015 Keynote - Robert C. Martin ("Uncle Bob"): Agility and Architecture


Robert Martin is talking about some important history of software development here; why we are where we are today.

Very interesting!

I disagree with his conclusion in the introduction part – the years the first man and the first woman appeared – because I have a different bias than Uncle Bob Martin when it comes to the history of the human race (take note that all of us have some biases that influence the conclusions that we make)…

…but I really like listening to Bob Martin’s talks on software development :smile:

Here are some of the history of software development he talked about:

We used to think about design and architecture…

…but then our focus changed into “what frameworks should we use to help us”

But a few years after we forgot about design and architecture, we realized that…

“The web is not an architecture. The web is an I/O device. And we learned many years ago that we want to be independent of I/O devices”

The database is not the center of our system. Our application should rule the database… The database is also an I/O device; something we want to be independent of.”

Other interesting stuffs:

In doing agile, we do not decry upfront design; we decry BIG upfront design.

The test of a true test: a true test does not need to be connected to anything.

He also talked a little about the Clean Architecture that he already talked about in his other talks.

I will post my notes on his talk on “Architecture: The Lost Years” a few days from now.

Happy listening to Uncle Bob Martin!

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