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The future of programming by Uncle Bob Martin


Like I said before, I really like listening to Uncle Bob Martin’s talks.

Last Friday, while riding home from Davao, I listened to his talk on “The Future of Programming”.

Here are some points from the talk which I think are important, at least to me. :smile:

at about 9:00

During the early days of software, roughly half of the programmers were women!

at about 13:00

He said that we should read “The Annotated Turing”

I will buy it after I already bought the other books that I need now like the book “Working Effectively with Legacy Code” and “Clean Code”.

at about 52:00

We’re in a state of perpetual inexperience. :cry:

at about 57:00

What we have learned since the 70’s is more on what not to do than what to do.

  1. Don’t use unrestrained goto.
  2. Don’t use pointers to functions.
  3. Don’t use assignments.

at about 1:06:00

We have a problem: we do not agree on our own technical disciplines.

at about 1:13:00

We did not get in the business of software to kill people; but we are killing people. :cry:

By the way, Jesus the Christ conquered death. He ultimately is the solution to our problem.

Try googling for “The gospel of Jesus Christ” if you want to know more about him.

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