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On Love


I just read from Colossians 3 (v. 14) that “Love is what holds everything together in perfect unity.” (ERV)

Love is very powerful, I believe. In the past, I even thought to myself that love might be the most powerful force in the entire universe — it can change anything. (Anything does not really mean anything; maybe lots of things?)

But… how to love? That is my question.

Can we do the “act the way you want to feel” method on this?

That sounds pretentious to me. :laughing:

But what I mean is, “can we discipline ourselves to love?”


Love is a choice1, right? (Paul says, “put on love”)

But, is there an easier method? :grin:


I believe that the enemy of our Creator has been redefining terms since his rebellion. So you might have a different definition for love than I do.

To make the confusion go away, I have to add that the kind of love I am talking about is the one described in I Corinthians 13 of the bible. It was also written by Paul. :smile:


1 I can still remember Dr. Jim Schettler’s definition for love during one of his sermons aired on Daystar when he was still the pastor of the Campus Church at PCC:

"Love is a choice of the will of finding joy in someone or something. And doing your best for that one without regard to self or cost."

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