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Feedback on Computer Science Distilled


Late March this year, I saw a post by the facebook page named “Code Energy” that the author of a book, “Computer Science Distilled”, will be giving a free digital copy of the book to those who will message him.


I tried to ask the author for a free copy (making the promise that I will buy his second book after I read an excerpt of Chapter 2 published online)

After a day, the author replied:

Hi Jboy,

… It’s no problem, I want my book to spread and help as many people as possible.

I just don’t want it to be posted in public, because then, even people who can buy the book, would not buy it.

I’m very happy you like the book :) Once you finish reading it, let me know your feedback.

All the best,
Wladston Filho

He is a very kind author! He wants to help people! :+1: :+1:

My feedback as a software developer

I already finished the book! It took me a very long time to finish it because there are other things I had to do/read.

I think the author has a similar mindset as the author of — explain Maths/CS in simple terms to capture the interest of people to study more about them.

I believe that it is a very good book for software developers who wants an overview of computer science.

I think this book can give more confidence to software developers who don’t have a degree in Computer Science and to those who did not have a very good Computer Science education (like me :smile:).

To those software developers who had a good CS education but have already forgotten most of them, this book will make them remember. And, if they are not sure if they really had a good computer science education, this book will give them reassurance that they already have the knowledge that they need for their work as a software developer.

And… I’m sure I will revisit the NoSQL and Functional Programming sections in the near future when I will begin to learn more about those topics. :smile:

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