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The Gospel of Uncle Bob and Kent Beck: Clean Architecture and TDD


I was priviledged to talk about Clean Architecture and TDD last October 7, 2017 at DevCon Davao 2017.

The title of the talk was “Clean Architecture and TDD Awareness Talk”.

But I wanted to emphasize that I will not be bringing my own message to the listeners, but the message of Uncle Bob Martin. So I changed the title into “The Gospel of Uncle Bob and Kent Beck: Clean Architecture and TDD”.

There were about 20 people who were in the room during my talk.

I’m not sure if they were bored with the talk or not. Maybe they were. :grin:

If you are one of the people present during the talk, please pardon me if you were bored. :smile:

It was my plan to compensate the boredome with a demo. But I was not able to finish the demo because the output of the projector was very pixilated. Even I who was standing very near the screen am not able to read the texts on the screen.

I was afraid that I will just lengthen the boredome of the attendees. So I stopped.

To compensate for the kapalpakan during the talk, I will create videos of the demo and will post them here in my blog a few days from now (perhaps).

The slides and the end-result source code of my practice demos are avialable here.

You might ask why I need to create videos for the demo when the end-result source code for the demos are already available for download?

It’s because to be able to learn how to do TDD, we need to see the whole process of coding using TDD. So I need to create the videos so you will see the process, not just the end result.


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