Clean Architecture and TDD Demo

October 09 · 2 mins read

Like what I said in a previous blog post, I would like to compensate for the failure of not being able to finish my demo during my talk-talk on Clean Architecture and TDD. So I created videos of me performing the demo.

Here are the videos…

In these videos, you will see me making mistakes; you will hear me mispronouncing words :smile:, you will see me breaking the rule of writing the tests first :laughing:, you will hear me incapability of clearly explaining things (I hope a few years from now I will be better at explaining things).

If you have comments, suggestions, or feedback (negative or positive) about these videos (and about the talk, if you were there during the talk :smile:), please tell me.


(The code for the demo is in here inside the “/2017-10-DevconDavao/demo-2017-10-08-android/” folder)

If you want to learn more about Clean Architecture and TDD, please google for these things below:

Blog posts of Uncle Bob on Clean Architecture and TDD

Screaming Architecture

Clean Architecture

The Clean Architecture

A Little Architecture

The Cycles of TDD

TDD Harms Architecture

Test First


Talks of Uncle Bob on Clean Architecture

Clean Architecture and Design

Architecture: The Lost Years



Clean Architecture: A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design


I posted some examples I found online here

[the] google [search engine] is your friend :smile: