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Grumbling Programmer


Sometimes (or many times?), I am one of those grumbling programmers. (Read this blog post of mine a few months ago)…

I never thought that grumbling or murmuring was very bad until about two weeks ago; when my brother in law, Orland Pervandos, talked about grumbling as one of the “common temptations” that the Corinthians (I Cor 10:10) were experiencing; and that grumbling and complaining are the first two “ungodly deeds” listed in Jude 16.

Then a few days ago, while googling for some materials related to I Corinthians 10:13, I found “How to Endure Common-to-Man Temptations” from

This statement hit me:

“Grumbling is a form of rebellion against the incompetence of God.”


What could possibly heal these grumblings?

This might help:

“… consider that the code you’re working on is your code. Even if you haven’t written it yourself, and regardless of how good or bad you think it is, this is your code, and you have responsibility over it.”

— from “The Right Attitude to Deal with Legacy Code” by Jonathan Boccara

This statement from, which I read a few days ago, might also help:

While developers often lament working on legacy systems, [Eric] Evans places high value on legacy systems, as they are often the money makers for companies. His encouragement for developers to “hope that someday, your system is going to be a legacy system” was met with applause.

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