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Woody Zuill on "Mob Programming"


When I first heard about “pair programming” a few years ago, I fell in love with it. :heart_eyes:

I thought to myself that this will be a great way to learn from someone else; much better than code review!

I can see firsthand how a master does his work, and I can have someone to guide me with my work! Wow! It is a good way of doing the “transfer of knowledge” thing (which I first heard from my first boss).

It is a great help in minimizing the mistakes that I might put into a codebase, because someone else is looking at my work in real time, which of course will make me confident about my work.

I hoped that someday I will be able to experience doing pair programming.

But then, last June, while listening to Uncle Bob’s “The Scribe’s Oath”, he refers to someone named Woody and his talk on mob programming.

Mob Programming
... another way of fulfilling the 7th Promise the "Programmer's Oath"
... there was heavy code reviews, then pair programming, and now, mob programming.

Mob programming? :open_mouth:

Is that a better way than pair programming?

That will be like learning from a lot of people at the same time! Much more minimization of mistakes! More confidence!

I think mob programming (or pair programming) will be very important in the future because we programmers cannot master everything.

I, for example, am very interested with software design, but I know almost nothing about software security. If I will be involved in writing code that must be secure, I would need someone looking at me when writing that code.

Another thing is, after a few minutes of listening to Woody Zuill, I think he is now one of my new heroes.

I like the way he thinks. I like his attitude.

Just listen to the first few minutes of his talk… Who would not like someone who is like that!

I’m not telling you how to do something or whether you should do it. I’m sharing with you how we did something and how it worked for us. And if you think you’re going to do it… what you will learn today… great! And I’d love to hear back from you, your experiences, because I’m going to learn from that.

I never experienced pair programming yet, but now, I am also hoping that I can experience mob programming in the future. :grin:

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