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Proverbs 9:17 "Stolen water is sweet. Stolen bread tastes good."


[supposed to be posted last March 16, 2017 :smile:]

“Stolen water is sweet. Stolen bread tastes good.”

Yes! That phrase is from the Bible – Proverbs 9:17 of the Easy-to-Read Version.

If you do not believe me, read it in your Bible for yourself! Or google for it!

But we should remember a very important principle when reading the Bible (or any book for that matter):

A text, taken out of context, is a pretext.

I think I first learned about this principle from the book “A Catalyst for Social Change: A Compilation of Privilege Speeches Delivered at the House of Representatives 2004-2005” by Benny M. Abante

On page 219 he said,

“In our theology class, we are cautioned not to get text out of context because if you do, it becomes pretext.”

I’m not a theologian. I only learn a little bit of theology from some articles and books that I read.

But this principle is very fundamental about reading the Bible so I think that it is important also for me to blog about it.

Happy coding!!

I mean, happy Bible reading.


By the way, the context of the text above is this:

13 Foolishness is that other woman, who is loud, stupid, and knows nothing. 14 She sits on her chair at the door of her house, up on the highest hill of the city. 15 When people walk by, she calls out to them. They show no interest in her, but still she says, 16 “Whoever needs instruction, come.” She invites all the simple people and says, 17 “Stolen water is sweet. Stolen bread tastes good.” 18 Those simple people don’t realize that her house is full of ghosts and that her guests have entered the world of the dead.

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