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Why am I transcribing Uncle Bob Martin's talks?


Why am I transcribing (some of) some of Uncle Bob Martin’s talks? (And some of the other masters’ talks?)

I will not able to read everything Uncle Bob has read and I will not be able to experience everything Uncle Bob has experienced (Also, I don’t want to experience some of his bad experiences. :smile:)

I also will not be able to buy and read all the books he has written.

I consider Uncle Bob’s talks as the summary of what he thinks – maybe the summary of all his books.

I transcribe (some of) some of these talks because I believe that someday I can be able to use these notes when I need to propose solutions to problems that I might encounter at work – I have someone more authoritative and more experienced than I am to appeal to, Uncle Bob and the other Masters.

And why am I putting them on my blog?

So that they will be easy to find! :smile: like what one master, Scott Hanselman, did here.

Here are some of the (some) transcriptions of talks I watched:

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